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7 blog articles"PPE"(Category)
New PPE Footwear standards EN ISO 20345-6-7:2022 are now applicable!
New PPE Footwear standards EN ISO 20345-6-7:2022 are now applicable!
Posted in PPE on 2022-04-06 by CTC
Resistance to permeation by chemicals
Posted in PPE on 2021-08-23 by CTC
UKCA for PPE product
The United Kingdom (UK) has decided to leave the European Union (EU), the decision was taken by referendum by the British peoples in 2016. After several years of discussion, the Brexit has been officially and politically defined the 31 January 2020. However, the last negotiation was the most important one because it is here that the practical economical organisation between UE and UK has been...
Posted in PPE on 2021-07-26 by CTC
Impact of Brexit on PPE
Brexit will have an impact on trade in personal protective equipment. Here we summarize the information we have collected so far.
Posted in PPE on 2020-12-22 by CTC
[SINOPPE Certification] CTC becomes authorized lab for SINOPPE certification
The global launch ceremony of SINOPPE certification for China's personal protective equipment was held on September 10, 2020 at Hangzhou International Expo Center. SINOPPE certification is China's voluntary certification for personal protective equipment, and it is a certification that the quality of protective equipment products meets relevant standards and regulations.
Posted in PPE on 2020-09-18 by CTC
Impact of the publication of EN ISO 21420:2020 (the new EN 420)
EN ISO 21420 :2020 is a revision of the EN 420 :2003+A1 :2009. Note: the new number 21 is due to the integration of the standard in the ISO system.
Posted in PPE on 2020-09-11 by CTC
PPE gloves standard : The new EN407:2020
PPE gloves standard : The new EN407:2020 has been published by CEN and became a applicable in all European Union in April 2020 and supersedes EN407:2004. However, a transition period of 12 months has been agreed where the 2 standards can be used. At the present time, from a legal point of view, only EN407:2004 is giving presumption of conformity to the regulation 2016/425.
Posted in PPE on 2020-08-26 by CTC
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