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'Inspections of materials, components and finished products allows business partners to regulate their suppliers based on the detailed assessment of a qualified third party.'
Pierre Beaupoil, Commercial Director for China


 Have your products inspected by the specialists!

CTC auditors are not only audit professionals, but also industrial experts in the fashion, luxury goods and sport sectors.

Clothing and accessories are the only types of consumer goods they inspect. Therefore, they understand the particularities of each type of product, whether it's a sports shoe, an item of children's clothing or a piece of luggage.


 A network to cover all your sourcing needs

Our inspections are conducted in compliance with the ISO 17 020 standard and carried out in the major sourcing locations for your products: China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tunisia, etc.

Our inspection services

  • > Raw material inspections
  • > Leather raw material evaluations
  • > Component inspections
  • > Inspections during production
  • > Pre-shipment inspections


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