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CTC, specialist of sports equipments, supports the most important companies in the management of their markets in running, outdoor sports, tennis, soccer, riding...


 Develop the performance of your sports equipments!

Thanks to its ultra modern platform of biomechanics and its experts of the sports industry, CTC brings a relevant and innovative answer to your needs for design, manufacturing or for quality control of your sports equipments: shoes, gloves, bags, clothes, saddlery, etc.

 Assure the conformity of your products throughout the supply chain

The Sports market is characterized by its internationalization and by a strong competition. CTC brings you a worldwide answer in the countries of sourcing, as well as a perfect knowledge of the regulations in the countries of distribution.


CTC partner in the USA:  

Your activity

  • • Sports shoes
  • • Gloves
  • • Bags and accessories
  • • Sports clothes
  • • Sports equipments distribution 
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