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'Inspections of materials, components and finished products allows business partners to regulate their suppliers based on the detailed assessment of a qualified third party.'
Pierre Beaupoil, Vice director for development


Raw material inspection (raw material) and pre-production control

Securing your finished products also means securing the quality of the raw materials that compose them.

CTC checks, as pre-production control, your footwear and upper components as well as your bags or clothing components according to the sampling of international standards ISO 2859-1. CTC will also proceed inspection of your rolls of raw materials according to the 4 or 10 points method and customers quality requirements. We adapt to your quality criteria and secure your upstream supply chain.


Raw material inspection

Raw material inspection


Leather raw material inspection

As leather represents the main cost of your clothing, footwear or leather goods, ensuring the quality of the leather delivered and the usable surface is essential to secure your purchases.

CTC LEATHER ASSESSMENT is a tool to assess your finished leather by grade (A, B, C ...). Each skin will be classified and we also calculate the surface and the percentage of acceptable zone.


pre-production control : leather inspection

Leather inspection



Accessories inspections

Your shoe, leather goods and textile accessories are checked before mounting (pre-production control) on your finished products. A sampling taken according to ISO 2859-1, (MIL STD 105 E) allows an effective verification of these articles.

We secure a quality review in accordance with the requirements of your specifications and reference samples.



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