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Laboratory testing for fashion, luxury, sport, PPE markets...

Armed with expertise that began in 1899, CTC has become a market leader through a one-of-a-kind research centre for leather, footwear, leather goods and gloves.

CTC provides solutions for manufacturers, distributors and brands, in the fashion, luxury goods, sport, and personal protective equipment (PPE) markets, as well as in the environmental sector.

CTC's customer-focused services include all the steps required for design, manufacturing, sourcing and distribution, covering raw materials, such as leather and textiles, components such as metal pieces, or finished products such as fashion accessories or items of clothing.

Laboratory accreditation
(Chemical & Physical testing)

France testing accreditationHong Kong testing accreditationChina Test and Certification LaboratoriesChina Testing Laboratory accreditation
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CNAS certificate

Worldwide implantation (Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, France...)

Laboratory testing in Vietnam, China, France...

Leather and fashion Trade shows

Leather and fashion industry news

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