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  • India’s leather industry looks for a way out by making work gloves
  • First cohort starts fashion sustainability certificate with IFM-Kering tie-up - leatherbiz.com
  • LTA nets five-year apparel deal with Andy Murray brand - SportsPro Media
  • Covestro in Additive Manufacturing: On the path to circular economy
  • Are ateliers like the petit h at Hermès the future of luxury fashion?
  • 3D printing on the path to the Circular Economy
  • How to build an exoskeleton
  • Dior launches virtual sneaker try-on with Snapchat - News : innovations (#1256393)
  • The real winners of the US-China trade dispute | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 29.10.2020
  • How to Choose the Right Disposable Gloves for You
  • Hermès returns to growth in third quarter - International Leather Maker
  • China Fashion Week back on track - International Leather Maker
  • ISA TanTec’s new materials will replace plastic, not leather - leatherbiz.com
  • Ferragamo introduces online immersive shoe customisation - International Leather Maker
  • Young Leather Scientist Grant 2021 open for application submission - International Leather Maker
  • How 3D Printing Enables More Sustainable Designs (Video #2) : Additive Manufacturing Magazine
  • Pittards sees more opportunity than risk after H1 disruption - leatherbiz.com
  • How AR Is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic
  • What Robots Can Do for Retail
  • Present and future of Italian leather: Gianni Russo’s Interview
  • COTANCE calls on the European Commission to regulate the use of the term leather - Euroleather
  • SSIP launch Leather Innovation Challenges for digital tannery
  • Dani focus on Zero Impact leather sustainability
  • Brand Tool Kit —
  • Scientists offer companies a novel chemistry for greener polyurethane
  • FIFA and CEN signing a liaison agreement to cooperate in standardization 
  • Nike shares hit a record high after the company reported an 82% jump in online sales
  • Retour en images sur la 2ème édition du Sustainable Leather Forum
  • Kuntai Machinery Recently Introduced Highly User-friendly Industrial Cutting Machines for Cutting Various Types of Materials At Factory Cost – Southern India Reporter
  • Transitioning to Sustainable Future for Kolkata Leather Industries - European External Action Service
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