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Première Vision Leather - Stand CTC
From 15 to 09-17 - Villepinte (France)

Expoprotection - Stand CTC
From 03 to 11-05 - Paris (France)


  • INFOGRAPHIC: Sale of winter clothing permitted
  • Vietnam, US seek to promote post COVID-19 footwear trade via online conference
  • Design Shoe Online with 5G Technology Supports Brands to Explore Avenues | iDiB
  • Vietnam to select top priority industries to support in the ‘new normal’ | Inquirer Business
  • Louis Vuitton’s Paris Atelier Is Now Making Hospital Gowns
  • Meet Independent Canadian Designers Through Inland’s Instagram Stories
  • 4D Printed Structures to Impact Many Industries in the Future
  • Footwear Company Donates Sneakers To Nurses On Coronavirus Frontlines –
  • Running shoes may cause injuries – but is going barefoot the fix?
  • Love A Glove —
  • Christian Louboutin: Red Soles, High Heels, and a Global Quest for Trademark Rights
  • Nendo designs Mai bag from single sheet of laser-cut leather
  • Wells Lamont FX3 Style 7807 Gloves Review: Work and Play?
  • My lightbulb moment: Shoe designer Aruna Seth, reveals the inspiration behind her fashion brand  | Daily
  • For Behind-the-Scenes Shoe Designers, the Glory Is in the Craft
  • New Balance Is Producing Face Mask Prototypes in Its US Factory
  • Adidas’ new shoe insole can track soccer player movements thanks to Google Jacquard technology
  • asics unveils meta series with virtual reality sneaker launch
  • Microsoft invents Smart Gloves with mixed materials to support both maximum flexibility and internal components
  • adidas GMR puts Google Jacquard in shoes to gain FIFA in-game stats
  • Asks: Christian Louboutin - Not all shoes are made for walking | Podcasts
  • Complimentary Healthcare Worker Footwear : free shoes for healthcare workers
  • How Princess Diana Inspired Christian Louboutin’s Love Shoes
  • Wearable devices powered by body motion using stretchable carbon nanotube thin films
  • 3D-Fuel to provide Dow polyethylene filament in North America
  • Stuart Weitzman Reveals His Stunning Antique Shoe Collection
  • VIDEO > Reviewing Cat's Kinetic Ice+ Boots' Vibram Ice Traction, Insulation from the Arctic Circle
  • DIOR opens in New York’s SOhO a new men’s store featuring a new retail design – CPP-LUXURY
  • HOKA’s TenNine Running Shoe Is So Specialized, It’s Not Safe for Driving or Stairs
  • The Rise of 3D Printing in Retail Businesses
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