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'Social compliance, environmental and factory audits are the best tools for improving the manufacturing process or ensuring a supplier's compliance with practices in a supply chain.'
Pierre Beaupoil, Deputy Director of Auditing

Social audit for Retailer, Brand, Vendor and Factory

Compliance Audit, Pre-assessment Audit, Client COC Audit for Retailer, Brand, Vendor and Factory


A Global Eye for Social Compliance with professional and experienced auditors located strategically worldwide, CTC offers social audit to secure your global sourcing.


Social audits allow factories to be vetted for their compliance with the labour regulations and “codes of good practice” in the principal sourcing areas.

  • Professional services & Management
  • Professional & experienced social compliance officers
  • Specialized training
  • Customized program on risk management and social audit
  • Integrity & ethics


CTC offers an exhaustive range of social audit:

  1. Law & Regulation,
  2. Child Labour,
  3. Force labour,
  4. Harassment,
  5. Wages & Benefit,
  6. Hours of Work,
  7. Health & Safety,
  8. Non-discrimination,
  9. Women’s right,
  10. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining,
  11. Environment,
  12. Subcontracting,
  13. Communication,
  14. Monitoring & Compliance.


Social audit, why working with CTC?

Audit CTC : 100 Years of quality and experience for the leather sector

For over 100 years, CTC has been assisting manufactures, distributors and retailers of footwear, leather goods and apparel as well as international professional organization and academic institutions.


Global Expertise

CTC is the leading global resource providing quality assurance solutions for the footwear, leather goods and apparel industries.
CTC's international team of experts brings cutting-edge experience and expertise into every project including research, development, standardization and professional training.

Our auditing services


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