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'CTC, THE MARKET LEADER in the evaluation and certification of personal protective equipment'




Physical testing : PPE Glove cutting

 Test your safety footwear, glove, garment and Secure your PPE

Whatever your industry, (Safety garment, workwear, safety footwear, safety gloves, or motorcycling equipment) ,CTC experts will guide you through the process of bringing your highly technical products to the market.

  • CTC is a specialist for PPE assessment all over the world, at the work place but also for domestic application,
  • CTC provide laboratory testing, certification and training,
  • CTC will provide you a personal team of experts (Sales executives, coordinators and technical experts) that personally lead you through the procedure of the PPE examination, or certification.



 Ensure your products (safety shoe, glove and garment) are compliant

Through their expert understanding of both European (CEN) and international (ISO) regulations, as well as their knowledge of standards, CTC experts will evaluate the performance of your products in relation to your target markets and countries of destination.


ctc-notified-body safety footwear gloves CE marking safety testing



Testing safety footwear, Gloves and Garment and Certify PPE products


8 reasons to work with us :

  1. CTC has issued more than 35,000 CE certificates for safety footwear, protective gloves and protective garments. Since 1992, we are one of the earliest Notified Bodies for PPE with number 0075 working under ISO 17065 procedure. A measure of confidence you can have in our company,

  2. We work with more than 800 companies around the world for make them build the best personal protective equipment (USA, South Africa, Turkey...),

  3. CTC’s Accreditated Laboratories under EN ISO 17025 are located in strategic manufacturing and sourcing areas. CTC proposes the must and complete offer for the foot, leg, hand, arm and body PPE,

  4. The professionalism and the accuracy of our own physical and technical tests help our customers to produce the safest footwear and glove product,

  5. We test and certify at the same time, so you save time,

  6. CTC has large experience of the innocuousness testing in materials and products. The European legislation is the most severe legislation in the world. CTC will help you to define the right critical substances to test. The integration of safety requirements will enable you to guarantee the conformity of the products according to Annex XVII of REACh,

  7. We contribute to the production of certifications rules and standards for France, Europe and internationally,

  8. CTC are Convenor or member for the mains standardization technical committees for glove, footwear and garment.

Test and certify that you protect against risks

We have solution for :


  • • Safety footwear
  • • Safety gloves
  • • Safety garment
  • • Motorcycling equipment

Our PPE services


CE Marking, Steps



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