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"Success story" interview with the company "Lemaitre Sécurité", manufacturer of PPE

Posted in CTC Tech on 2021-08-16 by CTC
Laurent RUSTENHOLZ, responsible for industrial management and Design Office Manager with responsibilities for laboratory management and related tasks.

What is the context of the project?

The project for this approach is to obtain the "CTC Laboratory Approved" label by our company, “Lemaitre Sécurité”. Indeed, we have been asking CTC since more than 20 years, for the metrological verification of our equipment and test devices.

What are your goals?

In the beginning, we only had a few machines for testing. In 2008, with the help of Bernard JOURNET, we set up our lab. Today, our ability to qualify our products has evolved in order to meet the growing demands of the market. Indeed, over the years, we have added test devices and optimized accessories.
Finally, in recent years, as part of the work decided at European meetings, Working Group 1 and Working Group 2 (working group on the standardization of safety footwear "requirements" and "tests"), and with the help of Manuela Durieux, design office technical project manager, we have participated in several inter-lab tests. The objective is to be at the same level as the notified bodies, but by comparing our results to the latter, we were able to find differences in the results of the perforation tests.
We then decided to take up this challenge when Jean-Luc CHAVEROT presented us the CTC Laboratory Approved in January 2020.

What are the results?

Subsequently, the audit carried out by William GELAS of CTC was very enriching and allowed us to improve on the points below:

  • Documentary management: we created an acknowledgment form, defined the protocol for recording the tests to be carried out and added the test conditions concerning temperature and relative humidity on our test reports,
  • Best practices: the test methods have been identified, displayed and illustrated in order to avoid errors,
  • The training of our staff: we have determined and implemented training adapted to new equipment and tests,
  • Management of suppliers of laboratory consumables: a procedure for managing equipment and consumable purchases is being formalized, in order to guarantee that all the equipment and / or consumables meet the optimal conditions to obtain reliable results.

In conclusion, this label attests to the qualification of our laboratory and our quality commitment. Indeed, our operational quality assurance and R&D is honored through this recognition. We are proud to present this laboratory as a high-performance cutting-edge tool and continuously calibrated to the requirements of our notified body. This label positions “Lemaitre Sécurité” as a major player in the development, manufacture and shipping of PPE.

Who is the "Lemaitre Sécurité" company?

“Lemaitre Sécurité” represents more than 45 years of expertise and business know-how. It designs and manufactures innovative safety shoes combining technicality, attention to detail and application in the choice of materials and manufacturing processes. Present in more than 80 countries and with 4 European subsidiaries, our group, founded in 1974, is one of the world leaders in Personal Protective Equipment.
Committed for several years in a CSR approach, the company began in 2017 the construction of a new logistics site with low energy consumption and in 2020 the construction of a new 4.0 plant in the Val de Moder in the north of Alsace (France). Lemaitre Sécurité wants to be as advanced as possible on subjects such as quality and respect for the environment. It is for this reason that she decided to be audited and advised by CTC and that the company is proud to have been able to obtain this label which perfectly represents her main qualities and her investment.


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