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Formation « Leather accessories: footwear and fine leather goods »

Formation « Leather accessories: footwear and fine leather goods » - QP 702 A

Public concerné :
Buyers – Product managers – Quality managers – Sales executives – New employees not specialized in leather articles.
Objectifs :

To increase your knowledge in the area of leather material.
To perfect knowledge in footwear and fine leather goods: manufacturing process, categories of design, technical vocabulary.
To offer products adapted to customer needs.
To master the control procedures.

Méthode pédagogique :
Groups of up to 6 trainees – Theory – Video projection – Training documents.

Contenu :

Leather as a raw material - 0,5 day

Leather structure: analysis of the skin, various animal species used, characteristics, examination of representative samples.
Process of transformation of the skin into leather: simplified process and main key steps for the comprehension of finished leather characteristics.
Finish process: techniques used and key steps.
Designation: aniline leathers, pigmented…
Finish leathers: presentation of leather samples

Knowledge of fine leather goods - 0,5 day
The different material used in fine leather goods.
Fine leather goods and luggage: the great products categories, assembling of fine leather goods, accessories.
Manufacturing process: from cutting to finishing (general overview of the manufacturing process). Advantages and drawbacks of the different manufacturing processes.
Maintenance of fine leather goods: maintenance according to the material. Maintenance products and their use.

Knowledge of the shoe and quality - 1 day
last and footwear: foot, last, comfort, shoe size systems.
Material: leather, textiles.
Components: soles, heels.
Manufacturing methods: assembling methods, manufacturing methods.
Shoe size scales.
Quality tools: specifications. Conformity samples.
Quality flaws in shoes: analysis of the flaws, corrective actions.
Laboratory tests: mains tests in footwear, quality criteria

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QP 702 A
2 days (14 hours)
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Place : CTC Lyon / Distance learning

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