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Pollutec - Stand Hall 5 Allée E Stand 105
From 27 to 11-30 - Lyon (France)

Première Vision Leather - Stand CTC
From 12 to 02-14/2019 - Villepinte (France)

APLF - MM&T - Stand 1A-A01
From 14 to 03-15/2019 - Hong Kong (Chine)


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  • A look at the subcultural legacy of New Balance
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  • Chinese to invest in a new tannery in Tanzania: “We shall provide capitals, you’ll supply raw hides”
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  • Leather Earrings are the Latest in Fall Jewelry Trends
  • EVFTA to act as catalyst for textile, footwear exports: experts
  • Louboutin launches baby shoes capsule collection - News : Collection (#1033499)
  • Meet The Leather Crafter Keeping Traditional Techniques Alive
  • Is YOUR designer bag a fake? | Daily
  • How Victoria’s Secret Angels Prep Their Skin for the Runway
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  • Hermes keeps firm grip on China luxury market as sales soar
  • Basketball sneakers have gone out of fashion —
  • The Footwear Industry Reacts to the 2018 Midterm Election Results –
  • Inside the Toronto Grand Opening of Holt Renfrew’s New Footwear Hall
  • NAMIC and Wiivv partner to develop customized 3D printable insoles
  • Nike Presents ISPA, an Experimental Program Dedicated to Problem Solving
  • Wu-Tang Clan x Clarks Launch Shoe Collection: Release Info –
  • How Carrie Bradshaw’s Favorite Shoes Are ‘Torture’ for Manolo Blahnik –
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  • Upcycled Footwear and Apparel Concepts from Reebok Designer #ArtTuesday « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!
  • The Best Things We Saw At The NYC Marathon Expo –
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