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The 18th International - Shoes & Leather Exhibition - Stand CTC
From 12 to 07-14 - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

ACLE All China Leather Exhibition - Stand CTC
Du 08-30 au 09-01 - Shanghai (Chine)

Première Vision Leather - Stand CTC
From 19 to 09-21 - Villepinte (France)


  • ZDHC conformance manual is “an important next step”
  • JBS parent company may sell footwear group
  • Vietnamese province expresses interest in new tanning cluster
  • Burberry’s bag business “outperforms”
  • ZDHC’s new chemicals tool will be offered to all
  • Algae foam could be “true revolution” for footwear industry
  • Sportswear takes over footwear for Chinese giant Belle
  • World Bank funding will help Ethiopia’s leather sector improve quality
  • JBS outlines sustainability progress in 2016 report
  • Belle International joins up-for-sale footwear groups
  • Leather means leather in Brazil
  • BASF deal will be good for tanners, Stahl CEO says
  • Stahl’s owners are happy to have held onto the company
  • TFL releases Autumn/Winter 2018-19 trends
  • Shoes and leather goods lift Kering’s Q1 sales
  • Jimmy Choo, Bally and Belstaff up for sale
  • GLCC agrees policy statements to promote “responsible” leather
  • Leather goods momentum for LVMH
  • Vietnam to speed up leather and footwear sector development
  • No hang tag can save a commodity from disaster
  • CLIA pleased by early 2017 results after last year’s “slump”
  • Jimmy Choo puts itself up for sale
  • India’s leather sector fears raw material shortage - International Leather Maker
  • Nike remains the world’s most valuable apparel brand
  • BASF to present new ideas in Hong Kong
  • AAFA to support development of East African manufacturing
  • Lectra to help women’s brand boost product development
  • Directa Plus to lead smart fabrics research project
  • Record operating income for Kering
  • Italian luxury brands show support to footwear industry
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